Joyful Star Nursery has been the most nurturing and loving environment outside of a family home and for that reason I am so pleased that my daughter have managed to experience it as her first few steps in the education system. The ethos of the school is second to none. The teachers are all amazing and it is with sadness that I don't have another child to send! She has loved every minute of her learning at Joyful Star and she is extremely fortunate to have been taught and cared for by such expert staff. Thank you for the love and happiness you gave my daughter, I couldn't ask for a better care for my daughter. Love you all!!!


My boys loved the nursery. During their stay, they had a great time enjoying themselves while learning many new things. For us, the setting of the nursery, the activity schedules and the staff's engagement seemed all just right for them. The nursery as a whole, felt very much like a warm and welcoming family. We would highly recommend the joyful star nursery to anyone who is looking for a nursery place for their children that fits the nursery practice age group

Nicole Hurley

Joyful nursery is the best nursery my daughter has ever attended. The nursery's environment is very warm, welcoming and calm. The nursery teachers are very professional, caring and patient and whom the children respond well to. The nursery owner Ms Patricia is very helpful and friendly. My daughter feels the nursery management and other staff members are like her family members. She always ask me to go to the nursery even on those times when I don't work and I don't need a childcare. I have recommended the Joyful nursery to several parents in the past and will happily recommend it in the future.

Jana Kotlárová

I am really happy with the service Joyful Star Nursery is providing my son. Academically i can see the developments in his learning skills, such as understanding shapes, numbers and alphabets. Since he started attending this nursery he has developed greatly. He speaks a lot more and engages a lot more with his peers and adults. He is able to express himself a lot more-overall I am really happy and pleased with Joyful Star and I have total confidence that they can prepare him for reception(primary school).


I am satisfied with my sons overall experience attending this nursery. Since he started nursery here me and his mum has seen the development hes gained in other aspects of his day to day life. I always knew Joyful Star would be the perfect place for him. Thank you!